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Software vs. Hardware

The Great Hardware vs. Software debate. What useful information can we extract from the controversial dispute? I have never really been big on these types of¬†conversations, but, sometimes, it can create meaningful dialogue. I think the most important thing to acknowledge is that the conversation invites both parties to explore. In reality, there is no right answer, but the curiosity could lead to valuable discovery. In order to have a commendable opinion, one would have to be […]

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Where to Buy Hip Hop Beats Online: How to Buy Your Own Exclusive Rap Beat License!

How to Buy Your Own High-Quality Hip Hop Beat (Exclusive Rights License) Many artists lease beats without exclusive rights to the beat because those types of licenses are cheaper. The reason they are cheaper than exclusive is because the producer retains rights to the beat, the producer can lease that same beat to other artists because the first artist didn’t buy a license for exclusive use and the producer can keep the “production tag” on the beat […]

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