Where to Buy Hip Hop Beats Online: How to Buy Your Own Exclusive Rap Beat License!

How to Buy Your Own High-Quality Hip Hop Beat (Exclusive Rights License)

Many artists lease beats without exclusive rights to the beat because those types of licenses are cheaper. The reason they are cheaper than exclusive is because the producer retains rights to the beat, the producer can lease that same beat to other artists because the first artist didn’t buy a license for exclusive use and the producer can keep the “production tag” on the beat to get more exposure from listeners and other artists who may happen to listen to it.

For example, say you lease a LegendBeats.com beat for your song and after you add your vocals the listener hears “Beat by Legend Beats”.

Legend Beats keeps our branding on the song but lease you the right to use it for your project so that you can at least use the beat. You may also be limited to how many listens, downloads or other types of commercial restrictions depending on the terms of your lease agreement.

But what if you don’t want any restrictions? What if you don’t want the production credit tag, branding from the producer and you don’t want any other musician or artist to have any kind of legal right to use your beat?

That’s where the Exclusive Beat License comes in for you.

Keep reading to discover why as a serious artist and musician you should seriously consider purchasing your own exclusive license that gives you and you alone all rights to use the beat so nobody else but you can use it for a song (or anything else!).

Benefits of Exclusive Beat License

Here’s why you should get your own exclusive license.

Part of what makes successful artists successful is how they rise above the crowd with their own distinctive and recognizable sound — all their own. You know as soon as you hear the beat drop that it’s your favorite artist because of the quality, style and you recognize it’s them because you’ve either already listened to the song and remember it — or because you hear that certain flavor they bring to the game that nobody else can quite duplicate.

They carved out their own niche and made their own lane in the game. They might sound “similar” to other artists you like, but they definitely bring what makes their individual sound hot with each new project and song they release. Exclusive beats are their secret sauce.

It’s part of what makes them your favorite even if you don’t ever really think about it in the back of your mind.

They definitely they think about it!

Successful artists who are smart about their business realize each project they launch is really a “product” of its own that’s part of their personal brand as an artist in the music business and should be treated like a business venture. Think about all the talented artists who just never “made it” because despite all their gifts as a musician they just didn’t have the business sense to take it to the next level where success happens. Now think about some artists who you might not think are as talented but somehow sold a lot of albums, singles, enjoyed regular radio rotation with their songs, became popular and enjoyed success in the music business.

You have to ask yourself. Which strategies helped them separate their work and sound from the millions of others who wanted the same kind of success they got to enjoy?

You should treat your music like the business it is as a serious artist. Even if you only do it to express your creative talents or think of it as a hobby, think how great it would feel to be able to earn enough income from your music to be able to afford to make music for a living and do what you love?

You should definitely buy your own exclusive beat.

This will separate you, your name, your music and brand from the run of the mill starving artists out there who never break into the business or enjoy success or popularity even if they deserve it.

When you invest in your own success, you start to put real life action into making your dream the reality you deserve it to be for you. You instantly separate yourself from the crowd of amateurs and bring a beat no one else has to enjoy the kind of shine and recognition you get as a serious professional because you treated your career as something to be respected from the moment you first invested in it to make it more than just a hobby.

But how can you get a professional producer to create a beat just for you? Doesn’t that costs tens of thousands of dollars?

It certainly does if you want the best from serious professionals who have the experience and professional recording equipment to bring high quality to each beat they produce.

The next best thing to hiring a producer to create a custom beat to your specifications is to find a beat you like and then purchase an exclusive license to it.

Right now you’re in luck because for a limited time instead of charging anywhere near the thousands of dollars you’d expect, Legend Beats is making an incredible opportunity available to own an exclusive license to your own beat that only you’ll have all the rights to yourself. You can use it for your song and sell as many downloads or albums as you like. You can even start to lease out non-exclusive licenses for it to artists and earn money that way and still use the beat however you like since you own full rights to it.

You can take a look at more specific details in a brief comparison of the different licenses available to you here:
buy hip hop beat

When you take action now to secure your own exclusive beat license you get to enjoy all these life-changing benefits of owning your own exclusive beat. Here’s what to do now to make this dream come true for you as your own new reality in real life.

Click the button below and complete your purchase. When you complete your purchase you will be given an opportunity to write a “note to seller.” Just type the name of which beat you want to buy your exclusive license to and we will remove all production tags to your beat and send it to you in the format you can download and use however you like.




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